Project Management Pain-Points

  • Are your projects getting larger, more complex, or more plentiful and you don't have the staff or expertise to manage them?
  • Are team members left out of the project, only to find out they are needed later?
  • Do you find out you are missing critical skills during the project?
  • Is your management team unclear on the status or even the purpose of the project?
  • Do you have the business support you need to successfully deliver the project?
  • Do your projects start with one objective which then turns into something else?
  • Do you have projects that go over budget because the cost estimates were wrong to start?
  • Do your projects take longer than planned because your schedule was overly optimistic or missing needed work?
  • Do your projects deliver the function and the business value expected?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the projects you deliver?
  • Do you feel there is just a better way to manage your projects which would take a lot of the pain away from your team?
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Full-time or Part-time Project Management

ProjectGuide can provide full-time or part-time project management for one or more projects at your company. The time spent with your team can be on-site, remote, or a combination of both. ProjectGuide will work with you to choose the right project management methodology for your project and your company.

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