Project Management Pain-Points

  • Does your project suffer because everyone does not have a good view of the project tasks?
  • Do team members forget their assignments or when they are due?
  • Does the project come to a halt because a team member is out and no one knows how to pick up their tasks?
  • Can management know at a glance the state of the project?
  • Does reporting project status take a lot of time because all the information needs to be gathered each time?
  • Are tasks forgotten because they are not documented and visible?
  • Does it feel you are running your project out of your E-mail inbox?
  • Did you buy a tool a while ago, but the team is not really using it?
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Project Management Software Selection and Implementation

ProjectGuide can help you select and implement the right project management software for your organization. There are a lot of very good software-as-a-service (SaaS) project management software systems available. Choosing the right one to satisfy your company objectives can be difficult. Then, even when you believe you have the right one, getting your team on board and using the new tool effectively can be a challenge. ProjectGuide can assist with all aspects of the project management software selection and implementation process. We will work with you to discover what system best serves your business and then get the whole team using the system effectively and with the least amount of disruption.

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